Featured Speakers :

Rajesh Vij
General Manager - Imports & Exports
Manas Sahoo
Vice President Supply Chain, Logistics & Customer Service
Fresenius Kabi India Pvt. Ltd.
Dr Ravi Prakash Mathur
Director Supply Chain Management
Dr. Reddy's Laboratories

Discussing new international trade regulations & effective compliance strategies to secure India’s position in the global pharma market

A sound cold chain infrastructure is increasingly becoming a key determinant in the global generic drugs market. With increased pressure from international regulators, pharmaceutical manufacturer's are under even more scrutiny to ensure the integrity and bioequivalence of their products.

India’s complex cold chain market is still maturing. With 3500+ players, poor road systems, and remote customers - the market is highly fragmented. There is also a severe shortage of temperature controlled vehicles, cold storage facilities; with the few there are located in a handful of states, making them in accessible to some users.

However, this disparity indicates a huge opportunity for those involved in the cold chain process, from the manufacturer to logistics service provider, as well as the technology provider to trace & track and implant related software provide.

India’s cold chain market currently stands at USD3.8 million, but is anticipated to reach around USD17.1 million, driven by a predicted growth of vaccine manufacturing and other highly temperature sensitive products.

This conference will provide a unique opportunity to meet and hear from the likes of*:

  • International Regulators – Inspector Generals and Import Operations Heads of India’s importers
  • National Governing Bodies & Associations – Presidents, Secretary’s of pharmaceutical good practice regulators
  • Pharmaceutical Companies – VP/Directors/Heads of Supply Chain, Logistics, QA, Stores, Procurement and Warehouses
  • Drug Distributors & Airlines – Freight forwarders, Couriers and Pharmacies
  • Customs and Airports – GMR Hyderabad Airport, Heads of Cargo, Heads of Logistics, Heads of Storage

*Please note that above are just examples and not all of the organisations are confirmed to participate at this stage.

Topics of discussion at this year’s summit

  • Complying with the revised EU GDP (2013) standards
  • The impact of DCPO legislation on global competition
  • Integrity vs. Affordability: Addressing cost challenges for India’s pharma manufacturers
  • Demonstrating affordable packaging and cold transportation solutions
  • Discussing the need for greater investment in dedicated pharma cold storage warehouses

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